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 Category: Editing Forms

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I upgraded to Windows 10 and I am not able to fill out my form
PDFs in Edge
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How to Unprotect a Microsoft Word document
Issue: How do I unprotect a Word fillable form with Microsoft Word 2010? Solution: To unprotect a Word 2010 document, open the form document using Microsoft Word 2010, from within Word: 1. Click the "Review" tab at the top of the screen. 2. Click "Restrict Editing" in the Protect group. 3. Cli...
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How do I Remove and Enable Protection for Word Forms?
Directions on How to Protect and Remove Protection on Fillable Forms for Word 2007 and Word 2003 Word 2007 Directions to Protect a Form: Once you have completed editing any of our Word fillable forms with your business header information and business logo you should re-enable form protection befor...
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How can I modify a template to suit my particular business needs?
Please see the attached help files included with your template or download the Template Editing Guide for Word and the Help Files for Interactive PDF form, both attached with your distribution archive. The Template Editing Guide will help you with: Adding Your Own Text to the forms Changing Fon...
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Can I change the pictures on your templates and put my own pictures instead?
Yes, you can as well as use your own logo, you may design the Word forms any way you like to suit your personal, business or customer's needs.
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All your templates are in U.S. page sizes. Can they be resized to other page sizes, such as A-4?
Yes. Simply change the dimensions of the page and adjust the design elements accordingly.
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When I view my template, some of the graphics look fuzzy. What's wrong?
SnappyFORMS templates may include JPG, TIF, PNG or EPS files. Some software applications use low-resolution previews to display graphics on the screen. But, provided your graphic files are properly linked, your layout will view and print high resolution.
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Are fonts included with your Templates?
Business Form Templates: Fonts are not included with the business form templates. When opened on your computer, the template uses the standard system fonts that come with your operating system (Arial, New Times Roman for PC; Times and Helvetica for Mac). Brochure Templates: Fonts are included in ...
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Can you recommend some MS Word resources?
For help while using Microsoft Word, from within Word press F1. Helpful Microsoft Word "how-to" Articles and to interact with other office users in the community forums, visit Office Articles web site To locate additional Office clip art, training and assistance, visit Office Online web ...
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How do I edit linked and embedded graphic files?
For QuarkXPress, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, QuarkXPress and Adobe PageMaker. High resolution graphic files are linked in the layout file. Keep the graphic files with the layout file in the same folder. The layout file may require that you reconnect the graphic links. Follow instructions fro...
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Do I need Word to use your templates?
You may consider using OpenOffice Suite, an MS Compatible office suite, it is provided free of charge and it is very powerful. You can download the software from web site. this will allow you to fill out the forms without the use of having MS Word installed in your computer, however ...
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How do I add sequential numbering to Word forms?
Visit Internet resources and YouTube for information on adding sequential numbering to Word documents. Our Interactive PDF forms do come with manual and sequential numbering. 
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How do I convert Word Documents to PDF form?
You may need a 3rd party plugin to convert Word documents to PDF documents. Doing an Internet search, for keywords "Word to PDF free" we found several solutions such as plugins and free online conversion services, we have not tried any so we can't really comment on how practical they are or if they...
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