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 Category: Software Licensing

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What am I allowed and not allowed to do with the business form templates?
You may: Use them for any personal or business use, in any way you like May make more then one project using the same template or modification of said template Print them in your local printer or have them printed at your local print shop in as many quantities that you like. You may not: ...
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Can I put up your thumbnails on my website and offer to customize them for my customers?
The EULA does not permit you to display our templates online in their original form, even if the displayed template is not for sale or is not a downloadable, digital file.
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Is it possible to buy the particular image from the template?
No. According to our EULA we never sell the images separately from our  templates (as well as the templates separately from the images).
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SnappyFORMS designs are licensed royalty-free. What does this mean?
When you purchase a SnappyFORMS template, you pay a one-time, flat fee to use it as many times as you like for yourself or your client without incurring any additional fees. The End User License Agreement (EULA) gives you broad creative freedom to produce unique derivative works of y...
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Does your license allow multiple installations from the same company to use the templates?
The Royalty-Free End User License Agreement allows installation of the template (software) in 3 computers at a time. If you wish to acquire additional multi-seat licenses or a print franchise license, please open a support ticket.
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