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Extended Download Service (EDS) - Protecting your forms' investment
Q1.  What is Extended Download Service? Extended Download Service (EDS) is a software backup service that we offer to protect you from losing your investment.  We keep a backup copy of all of your purchased software and license keys on our servers for the period of up to seven (7) years f...
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I previously purchased a business form and have misplaced, purchased a new computer or my hard disk crashed. Can I download another copy?
Download links expire after a 30 day period, from date of purchase, after that time, you will have to purchase the form(s) again, unless you purchased the Extended Download Service at time of purchase. (Allowance or ability to purchase EDS after your purchase may be given on a case-by-case review.)&...
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I can't find a form that fits my needs. What do you suggest?
Due to the great number of specific business types, there's a good chance we won't score a direct hit for everyone searching our library. Before you give up on us though, we do encourage you to ignore the form template's; business focus for a moment and look for a form that suits you. As the leading...
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Do you do provide custom business form typesetting and design?
We offer over 25 years experience in business form typesetting and design and we can custom design forms forms to suit your needs, duplicate an existing form that you may supply or work from scratch provided you supply us with a rough layout of what you would like done, we also excel in form duplica...
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Where can I get more information about the business form before I purchase it?
To display a larger view of a business form, click on the thumbnail image found in the product description page. If you would like to share a form design template with an associate or client, simply click on the "Send to Friend" button, located at the bottom of most pages in our shopping cart.
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Is it possible for me to pay one price and have access to all forms for a time period?
Sorry, but we do not provide membership based services, however we do offer several packages that might meet your needs. For contractors we offer the myBusiness Forms Kit which contains 33 popular contracting business forms and legal contracts. For print shops and quick copy centers we offer our B...
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I would like to purchase a business form template, but it is not available on the site anymore.
The business forms template may have been discontinued. Look for similar business form templates in our online catalog.
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I would like to purchase a business form template, but it is not available on the site anymore.
The business forms template may have been discontinued. Look for similar business form templates in our online catalog.
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What programs do I need to use your business form templates?
Our business form templates are available for use with Microsoft Word 2003 (and later versions) and are also bundled with an Acrobat PDF file, this is usually the choice by default when you add a form to the shopping cart. New upgraded template versions now include a Word fill-as-you-type template...
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Can I use a business form template with Microsoft Word?
Yes, our forms are Microsoft Word 2003 (and later versions) friendly. You have full control of all text and graphic element(s) contained in the business form template allowing you to fully edit, modify, add/delete text or graphic elements and print your form using MS Word, we do not lock or protect ...
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What discounts do your offer print shops?
Commercial Printer Accounts are issued to Print Shops, Quick/Copy Centers, Printing Franchises, Printer Brokers, Business Form Printers and all others selling directly to the public/consumer, these businesses are eligible to a 35% discount on all our loose business forms. To apply fill out the regi...
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What file extensions are available for Word and PDF formats?
Microsoft Word The Microsoft Word (.doc) format opens on Macs and PCs with Microsoft Word installed. Adobe Reader PDF The Adobe Reader PDF form (.pdf) format works on any computer with free Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat installed. You need the free Acrobat Reader software to view these files...
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How do I download the file?
Once you receive the product download link and follow the link to the product download page, follow these instructions Right-click on download link. Select 'Save Target As...' Choose destination folder. Click 'Save' and the file will begin to download. Mac: Hold 'Ctrl' and click on downl...
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How do I decompress the template file?
1. Double-click on the downloaded '.zip' or '.sit' file. Note: DO NOT open or double-click the layout file in the decompression utility program. 2. Follow instructions to 'Extract' or 'Expand' the complete template folder and save it to your chosen destination. The template folder contains the nat...
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I downloaded a template and can't open the file, what's wrong?
Our templates are compressed to speed up your download. Each template file is compressed as ZIP file for the PC or a SIT file for the Mac. You will need to decompress the file before you can open and edit the form layout in your application. Depending on your operating system, you may require WinZi...
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I'm still having problems decompressing the template file, what should I do?
Please open a support ticket.
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Is it possible to reactivate my download link if it was deactivated after 3 days?
Yes, please fill out a support ticket and we will provide a new download link shortly.
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I downloaded my template in the wrong format. Can I download it again in the correct format?
Yes. Please fill out a support ticket explaining your issue and we will make the correct format available to you.
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