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 I am seeing this message "This document has been signed and cannot be edited"


The reason that you are seeing this message may be because you opened the form using Adobe Acrobat and when you try to "Edit" the form, this message appears. This happens because we have enabled extended rights to the PDF form so that it can be used and edited using free Adobe Reader, using the Form Options Menu, located on top of form, which should provide sufficient options to edit the form.

If you still wish to use the form with Adobe Acrobat, please open the form with Adobe Acrobat and use File > Save a copy, command, to remove the restrictions and open the copy using Acrobat, you can then click the Tools bar and click Edit.

This said, keep a backup of original, distribution PDF form as using the form with Acrobat may render some features not to work properly or corrupt the Javascript programming inside the form.

We cannot stress enough, the Interactive PDF forms are for use with free Adobe Reader.

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