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 Are there commercial printers that accept Microsoft Word files?


There may be, you may search your local sources and find a printer that will accept your Microsoft Word files for offset or digital printing.

However, keep in mind that commercial printers and prepress facilities cringe when then receive Microsoft Word files because it means many problems are lurking inside the seemingly harmless files. Commercial printers are faced with many problems when working with native Microsoft Word files such as font issues, bleeds, color and pre-press operator control. 

It is always a good idea to talk to your commercial printer to find out what his pre-press requirements are.

While QuarkXPress, Illustrator and InDesign have capable word processing facilities, you can continue to use Word to compose the manuscript. Once you’re ready to work on the layout, simply flow the Word document into a page layout document, and finish the document there.

SnappyFORMS offers our forms in a variety of formats for use in small office and commercial printing environments.


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