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 I previously purchased a business form and have misplaced, purchased a new computer or my hard disk crashed. Can I download another copy?


Download links expire after a 30 day period, from date of purchase, after that time, you will have to purchase the form(s) again, unless you purchased the Extended Download Service at time of purchase. (Allowance or ability to purchase EDS after your purchase may be given on a case-by-case review.) 

You may read more about the EDS in our knowledge base article: What Is Extended Download Service (EDS)

If you purchased your form(s) within a 30 day period, please open a support ticket and request that a new download link be provided to you. To be able to locate your original order, please include your order ID, or the e-mail that you used when you placed the order and we will gladly generate a new download key so that you may download your form again. We will promptly respond to your support ticket and provide a new download link.

The time frame to download your purchased form after your initial purchase is 72 hours, after this period, for security reasons the link will no longer work, please try to download it during this time, if you missed this time period, do not worry, we will honor download links for a period of 30 days following your purchase at no cost to you. Please contact the help desk by opening a support ticket so that we may provide you with a new download link. To assist us in locating your order, you should provide your Order ID# or the e-mail that you used when you placed your order.

To avoid loosing or damaging your original downloaded file, you should save it by creating a backup or manually backing the file tn an external hard drive, online backup service, USB stick, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc. so that you can rest easy knowing your file is safe and secure.

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