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 How do I decompress the template file?


1. Double-click on the downloaded '.zip' or '.sit' file.

Note: DO NOT open or double-click the layout file in the decompression utility program.

2. Follow instructions to 'Extract' or 'Expand' the complete template folder and save it to your chosen destination. The template folder contains the native layout file, linked graphics files if applicable and a PDF file.

3. Close the decompression utility program.

4. Navigate to where you saved the template folder, open the folder and double-click the layout file to begin customizing.

Important note concerning templates: Graphic files are linked or embedded, in the layout file. Keep the graphic files with the layout file in the same folder. The layout file may require that you reconnect the graphic links. Follow instructions from your software application for updating modified or missing links.

You may need WinZip, Suffit Expander or a compatible product to decompress the template folder.

WinZip by may downloaded from the WinZip web site.

StuffIt expander may be download from StuffIt web site.


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